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Mar 31, 2024
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South Central PA
Hello everyone. I'm a new member from South Central PA.
A few key pointers:
- I appreciate it when you ask me questions about myself, however I ask that you limit on asking me certain questions such as about my family. I don't really like revealing personal information about myself. Also, because of privacy reasons and to the respect of others, I won't be showing pictures of myself or my family, reveal my name/age, etc.
- I will show pictures of my pets and activities that I'm doing, so I won't be too private about my life.
- I'll share about the weather and other such things going on around my area.
- If I ever do talk about my family, I'll talk about activities I do with my family and show pictures of the journey. Family reunion pictures will be limited.
- But definitely not vacation pictures. If I'm ever camping, at the beach, etc, I'll show what I can.
I decided to join this forum to learn what others are doing to be self-sufficient. I also consider myself somewhat self-sufficient, but I want to learn more about being self-sufficient.
Trust me, I'm not boring. I'll pop in on a few threads here and there and interact with other members and perhaps talk about ways I can be sufficient. I'm also on under the name @GrandmaTheChicken.