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Dec 25, 2021
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Frosty start to the morning here. But spring must be on it's way! My earliest plum tree is covered in blossoms, and the southern highbush blueberries have set some fruit already. I've had several hens in and out of the broody hen pen to STOP being broody. My trooper little pullet Ginger Bonnet is still sitting fast on her eggs, hatch day on Monday! I shall of course share many photos of chicks. One of the cockerel boys has finally found his voice and contributes to the morning chorus. My senior rooster (and the hens) are unimpressed.

I've got tomatoes and peppers (and a bunch of greens and herbs etc) happily growing away in the mini greenhouses and in the house. I've got birdnet up over a couple of the new raised beds, should get them all covered and ready to go by the end of the week. I have noticed that less bees go in now that the birdnet is on, so I will keep an eye on that. The bees can definitely fit through (it's 16mm mesh), but I guess it makes it harder for them. I haven't generally had fully covered gardens, I've used the net to make fences that are still open at the top.

I did this funny little chicken math video, if you want to check out how I make chicken math work for my flock!

Photo essay of spring: