Pond Foundation Advice?


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Oct 24, 2019
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mid-Michigan, USoA
how large a pond?

it helps a lot if the soil is already fairly full of clay. the sandier the soil the more of an issue it becomes to hold water unless you dig the pond out deep enough to reach the water table and of course the water table can go up and down with the season/rainfall/weather.

the problem with using pigs is that if you have a shallow well any where around that area and the soil is sandy that the pig output can contaminate your water table. this can be a problem with shallow wells and any animal poos, so i won't just pick on the piggies.

a general other problem with ponds is the freeze thaw cycle which can make any water works and edges a lot more things to consider than you'd first suspect. along with the cool season issues there are also weeds, bugs and animals which may decide to try to make your pond home. some of them are welcome additions and others can be pests.

one thing i have always wanted was a large enough piece of property where i could have a small rocky stream with control of the upland area so there weren't issues of flooding but where i live now is about as flat as it gets. when i was looking for land in the southern hills i almost bought a place i found with a natural upland spring but it actually turned out better that i didn't end up buying it as i'd likely still be stuck there and wishing i were up here instead.