"Q" what's is it?


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Apr 30, 2021
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Haven't done any research. But hubby and I did do a bit of digging re: Q a few months ago. It's interesting... and all too pollyanna-ish. I do believe that the Qanon concept will play into last days/end times. All I can say is this: All is not what it seems. And the only way to not be led astray during these confusing times is to keep your eyes fastened tightly on Jesus. The current world view: they all want to have their ears tickled. No one is willing to do the work that is required to turn the tide that is headed towards one world government and the great re-set. So... here we are, staring down the barrel of the great reset. I find these days to be a combination of scary, but, even more so, the most exciting time in the world to be alive. We are seeing the unfolding of the greatest world events in the last 2000 years, and we have front row seats! It's gonna be a bumpy ride, but... oh so exciting. So, my final question: how are you all planning to make these last days count??????
Loving God and loving people!! Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace to all in my circle of influence and any others God sends my way. For it is the Love of God that leads men to repentance and it is His love that will change hearts and turn the tide of what is happening in America!