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Sep 22, 2020
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1. What state/province/country are you in and what is your climate like? We live in Northern California, in the Sierra mountains about 4300ft elevation. We get a good amount of snow and short mild summers.

2. Who or what inspired you to become more self sufficient? We moved here in 2018 and the winter surprised us. We had a 1 mile walk in the snow to the cars and no 4x4. I brought my groceries and hay in on a 6ft sled weekly because thats all I could haul at a time. We also ran out of wood to heat our home. It was bad I said NEVER AGAIN

3. In what ways are you self sufficient now and in what ways would you like to learn more? We have 2 freezers now, a big barn for wood and lots of food on the shelves!

4. Are you interested in stocking up for future needs? Yes we are always looking to add to the pile

6. Can you legally keep livestock where you are at? Do you have any? We are limited by our community association. We must have quiet animals so we have Nigerian dwarfs and rabbits soon we will have Indian runner ducks

7. Do you like to garden? If so, what do you enjoy growing? I love to garden but in this spot we are too wooded for an annual garden sadly our attempts have failed miserably. I do have an indoor fodder system for the critters

9. How much space/land do you have or rent? City? Country? We are on 3 acres that has been in the family for a long time, in a tiny cabin in a vacation spot the woods.

10. What is your self sufficient specialty? Or what one would you like to learn? I have always loved critters and am good at caring for them, my goal at this property is to provide as much meat as possible. And have my animals only ever have one bad day. I am very interested in permaculture

11. Do you do wood work? Framing, finish, cabinet? Yes I have completely remodeled 2 homes and built many small structures.

12. Are you interested in herbal medicine? I am

14. Do you use a wood stove for heating or cooking?
We do heat our home exclusively with a wood stove and I have cooked soups on it

15. Do you like to cook? Are you interested in whole foods and natural foods? Raw milk? Farm fresh eggs? I do enjoy cooking from scratch and creating new dishes, I try to use as much whole foods and as fresh as I can get it. I wish we could have raw milk but being in California it is a major hassle hopefully our little doe is pregnant and we will have fresh milk in the spring

16. Do you forage or hunt for part of your food needs? Yes we do hunt and I have just started to look into foraging

17. What skills do you have that help you be more self sufficient? I am tough and have the drive to accomplish anything I set out to do. I have always worked with my hands and have a way with animals

19. Have you ever lived completely off grid? Would you like to? Not for more than a few months in the summer and yes I think it is something we would like to move towards

20. Do you make things yourself to save money? Whenever I can

21. Has trying to be more self-sufficient changed your attitude or habits about money/spending. Yes
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Sep 29, 2014
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Welcome to Sufficient Self! :welcome

My baby sister lives in Northern California, near Eureka somewhere. I have been there once, drove there from Wyoming for her wedding.


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Jul 22, 2011
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Klamath County, OR
Welcome from the Oregon Cascades. We too live at about the same altitude as you... very short growing season, but we love it.