Solar Leasing


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Jan 8, 2013
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rural Ohio
Are solar leases a good option for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and reduce dependence on the grid?

Given that
1. The technology that may rapidly become obsolete,
2. Electricity savings would be considerable in the time it would otherwise take to save for them,
3. Maintenance is usually included in the lease, and
4. Uncertainty surrounding tax codes relative to solar given the enormous deficit,
it seems to me like it's a reasonably good deal.

I also think that with the way solar technology may change rapidly, I'd be afraid to purchase the system if I even had that kind of cash. My reservation over it was what I would have to do if I decided to move, but I suppose that would depend on the terms of the lease.

I'd like to know in particular what my fellow Dave Ramsey followers have to say about it. I know how he feels about car leases but I'm not sure this would apply here.