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Oct 24, 2019
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mid-Michigan, USoA
You can heat the oven a little, turn off and put the dough in to raise. I like bread but, I'm with hubs....besides, I've stopped most in oven bread baking and let the bread machine do it all! :lol: should add that there's only me to feed and I have a couple recipes I use 99% of time.

As to clothing, I have some shirts fraying in places and think, this is last wearing, as I slip them on! They magically appear in the next washer load. :hide we apparently are a bunch of "ragamuffins" on here! :idunno

Just this week I reglued a sole on an old tennis shoe.....I mean, all else is good!! So not ready to toss yet -- they're my farm shoes! Previously work ones, replaced with new.....just like hand me downs, a new life.

my current main pair of garden shoes are on their third or fourth life. first Mom had them until she didn't want them (about 10 years) so i got them from her. purple crocs. very comfy. nice and wide so my feet don't feel pinched at all, good cushion in the bottom. by the time i got them the tread was all worn off and i kept wearing them until the tread started to get wear holes in the bottom so i glued on some el cheapo foam sandals for a few years until those worn off and then i took an old pair of water sandals that broke the strap but the tread on the bottom of those was good so i had a wire brush on a drill to strip off the foam and then glued the new treads on the bottom of the crocs. they should last another 5-10 years at least.

with the gravel we have all over the place it is very important to have some cushion. i have another pair of shoes for working in the dirt in the gardens when it gets muddy so that i can switch shoes when getting out of a garden and not track mud all over the pathways. i have a garden knife or trowel around to scrape the mud off the mud shoes. there are times when i work barefoot in a garden as scraping the mud off the shoes or losing shoes in the mud takes more time than just cleaning up at the end. i'm glad though that i don't have to do that very often - i just wait more now until things dry out enough.

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