which woods to use in your stove/fireplace


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Jun 11, 2010
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Lafourche Parish, LA
My brother wanted to make a log splitter to put on the back of his tractor and DH bought some of the parts that were necessary, so in truth the splitter was all of our's, but considering that it was attached to my brother's tractor and we had the offer that we could go over to use it, whenever we wanted.....which was nice, but that would mean cutting logs, bringing them to brothers, splitting and then bringing them home and racking....we didn't really use it at all.
It was easier to cut the logs, take them home and split them with the maul, then rack. Less transfers.
I don't think my brother realized how much trouble it would be for us to take advantage of our part-ownership in the splitter. DH probably shouldn't have bought those parts. The better idea would have been for my brother to say,"When ya'll get the logs home, give me a call, so I can bring my tractor over." Not faulting him....just that he didn't think and DH didn't tell him. Sometimes its best to just outright have your own stuff.

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