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    Portable air conditioners?

    Thank you - that's exactly what I needed to hear. Her bedroom is huge and she'd have that thing on constantly. I'll just close off son's room when he leaves and buy daughter a big fan to keep air moving.
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    Portable air conditioners?

    We're in central VA, very humid summers!
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    Portable air conditioners?

    Can anyone comment on whether this would be economical in my situation? We have a new Cape, 2 br upstairs for kids. Son will be gone this summer and daughter keeps her door shut but likes her room cold! (Doesn't even have heat vents open in her room during this snowy winter) So whatever...
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    Online Public Homeschool...Need your opinions about Trouble?

    I'm sorry I have not read your previous post about your son but am just jumping in on this post. It will take several months for your son to "decompress." We pulled our son out to homeschool at 8th gr and it truly took all of 6-8 months for him to slough off his hatred of academics and find...
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    Cookbook recommendations?

    One of my NY's resolutions is to grow more and eat more of what we grow. I'm a Southern girl, so my cooking methods are ~ boil the heck out of it in lots of bacon grease! I'd like to try different veggies and different recipes. I have an old Moosewood cookbook but want something more...
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    Insurance settlement

    I confess, I lurk. I come for inspiration and am in awe of the creativity and common sense of all who post here. I need some of that pragmatism for a situation that I can't really discuss with family or friends. My daughter (15 y/o) is about to receive a sizeable settlement for an auto...
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    Help me slay this electric bill?

    Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful tips ! And yes, Dominion Power has an online audit that I tinkered with last night. According to that, we're only slightly over "normal" usage for our home, appliances, etc. I know for a fact that this weekend will find us buying a jacket for the hw heater...
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    Help me slay this electric bill?

    I"m new to this board having migrated over from the BackyardChickens forum b/c my electric bill is making me ill. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why it's so high ! New construction, 2100 sq ft cape, well insulated, 2 adults, 2 teenagers. Electric Energy star dishwasher, refrig., hot...