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    I love that one!
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    People put sugar on grits???? o_O:th:sick
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    Canning up chicken tomorrow from the fall cull. And one duck. Will make stock also. Will skim some schmaltz, though it won't be much this time around. Can't wait to tick that chore off the list.....may have to can up some deer, but after that I can give the canner a rest for awhile.
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    New countertop fad?

    My son is so wanting to do something like this....talks about it all the time!
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    Simply Sheep

    The wooded area between us and that field is ours but the field belongs to a neighbor.....unused for many a long year, he has to pay someone to brushhog it each year. I'm going to propose he let me do it for free with some hair sheep when the flock is big enough.
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    Simply Sheep

    Most definitely! I've had GPs, I've had an Akbash, and now this breed mix of GP/Anatolian/Maremma with Ben....but I'm finding the Anatolian breed to be very different than all of them. I've been interested in this breed since 2001 and have loved all the various traits they possess, admiring...
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    Sentry, Baymule’s Livestock Guard Dog

    It's so funny that he leads you with the leash....this new Anatolian pup I just got had never been on a leash before and after the initial battle, he did better than any dog I've leash trained....but when he wants to go somewhere other than where I'm leading, he'll gently grasp the leash and...
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    Simply Sheep

    Pics of the new dog...still working out his ways and finding out a few surprises about this dog. It's like learning dogs all over again...this breed is a whole other breed of cat, which I knew but it's different when you actually experience it. I'm impressed with how he thinks and I think this...
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    What do you use for deworming

    If you mix it in with wet feed, it all disappears. Around here they will eat anything that doesn't eat them first. Using hay and straw around the coop for better footing.....tricky, as it tends to hold in moisture and create an even slicker, more muddy place in the long run. I've found it...
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    Simply Sheep

    NO way! After it had been there that long??? What are the chances....? :gig
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    I love that idea! Was that the POW isn't displayed anywhere on the site, are they still having that contest/idea in effect?
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    end of life humor aka a fairly normal morning here

    I'm with others with the advice on keeping a DNR request right with her the same pocket of her purse. Might even tape it TO the ID, so when someone looks for that, they have to have their hands on the DNR request and can't say they didn't see it or find it. Place a copy in the glove...
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    Simply Sheep

    Got a new LGD yesterday, an Anatolian pup of 5 mo. old. I'm very pleased with everything I've seen from him thus far and have great hopes for his working here. Intuitively smart, polite and gentle, I can already see the breed traits in him and he'll be a great asset here. He's a...
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    An appealing method for dealing with invasive plants

    I miss Joel....I wonder if he's okay. I really loved his input here and seeing pics of his beautiful place!
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    Simply Sheep

    True....if the object doesn't weigh 1200 lbs, is 5x5x5 ft, is textured and on a texture surface and doesn't have anything firm to grab onto as you swivel...the hay just shoves off as you push on it. Kind of bulky, slippery to grasp and heavy as lead on a rough surface. I'm only 5'3" and not...