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    Anyone from Northeastern Ohio?

    I am originally from NE Ohio - born in Cleveland and have lived in Lake and Ashtabula Counties - and one cannot get any more NE Ohioan than that! :cool: ETA. Currently residing in NE Texas
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    Does anyone know of a great money management app?

    We use It so much easier than the paper spreadsheets I used to do. I use an app on my phone, so it is with me all the time is free. There is a premium version, but the free one is terrifically flexible and has the same great customer support. It is based on...
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    Not new but....

    :frowLaughed so hard, I almost fell off the front porch!
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    It's 98 degrees here today, but today is my day off this week, so I am canning. Hot work, but I'm happy to have those 12 pints of crockpot marinara and 20 pints of tomatoes in juice in the pantry, though. Our paste tomatoes are just about done for the year, there are about a dozen green ones...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    TR started his new job of Animal Control in June. He loves it and does not miss his old job with the school district. The hours are better for us, as we now work basically identical hours. We have been a one-car family since we moved here, so the new hours are a blessing. This has been a...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    Deb, I guess I will always be "settling in and adjusting" LOL No worries about the coon poop..... He is talking about doing a Braveheart theme next year. I'm looking forward to the kilt, and am looking for family tartan colors now. ;)
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    Britesea, I haven't worn heels in a decade, so I have trouble walking in them I definitely would NOT be running in them either! Last year TR wore a pair of shoes from the crisis center. He had to duct tape his feet into the largest pair he could find - size 11s! So, yes, this year...
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    keljonma's Front Porch - Settling in and adjusting

    Hard to believe that we have been in Texas for just about 2 1/2 years now. The bees (Buckfast) are doing really well, as are the gardens. We harvested over 60 pounds of honey last year and left the bees with 60 pounds of honey for winter. We have already had to move supers around and added a...
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    Lorihadams-- hi guys...been busy!

    Sorry to hear about the lost hive. Was it the weaker of the two? You should be able to have the inspector check it out. If it is varroa, you should have been able to see the little buggers in the hive. Check some of the pics you took during inspections.
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    New 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map...Interactive

    Thanks for the link! Interesting that the local extension office said we are in zone 8a and this one says 8b. :lol:
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    2dreams - Its Spring In Mississippi w/pallet bed pic

    :hugs I haven't been on site in a while, and am praying you continue to feel God's arms around you as you start this new phase of your life. It is very hard for those of us left behind in this situation. Hopefully, picturing your dh in his new heavenly pain-free body will help bring a smile to...
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    Lorihadams-- hi guys...been busy!

    It is always difficult to find someone to fill in while you are away. Even farm-knowledgeable people don't always get it right or do things differently than you would in your normal routine. I have never found an animal that does well for extended periods of time when the routine isn't...
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    Quail_Antwerp: Words from the Barnyard...

    Sounds like you guys have been busy, as usual. Glad to hear you will be bundled up for winter properly! I know that sure makes a difference. Missing you and our other Ohio friends........