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    Big Ole Pot of Happy

    I love that convenience after a hard day of work on a cold night.
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    Big Ole Pot of Happy

    I like that name 'A Big Ole Pot of Happy'. I love to make soups especially when cold weather sinks in. It was 18 degrees a couple of mornings ago and I made a pot of cheeseburger soup. It barely made it until lunch time. DH has been hinting about broccoli and cheese soup. I also need to make a...
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    The Freeze-Drying Thread

    Thanks for the information. I've always wondered about freeze drying. The appliance is so high I can't see ever getting one. I've been drying lemons and onions in my dehydrator. At the price of the little cheap Wally World dehydrator I guess I will stick with that.
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    My favorite green tomato is green tomato pickles. I canned 15 half-pint jars of strawberry preserves. I'm trying to can up some of the freezer reserves to make some room. Right now it is bursting at the seams with all the produce I got this spring and summer.
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    I love green tomatoes but it's been years since I had a big crop of them. My few tomatoes in the last couple of years have been really stingy.
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    Our church got another truckload of produce, yellow squash, zucchini, lemons, and cantaloupe. I canned all the squash and zucchini except for what I cooked for supper. Not recommended way but the way I like it for frying later. I dehydrated some of the lemons but I still have plenty. I might...
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    Black walnut hulls

    When we were kids we would rub black walnut green hull juice on ring worms which cured them right up. I've been picking up pecans from the back yard but the squirrels have got most of them. Never thought about shooting the squirrels for pre shelled ones. Of course we can literally see the...
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    I've made the copycat Baby Ray's barbecue sauce which is really good. I keep telling DH I'm going to can a few jars. I never have bothered but it would be nice. The Wildbunch can eat anything with barbecue sauce baked on or dipped in it, lol.
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    What's for dinner?

    Beany Weany and Mac & Cheese was my daughters all time favorite food when they were little girls.
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    What's for dinner?

    Baked potatoes, broccoli, bacon, cheese and sour cream.
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    Oh my goodness I've been busy canning. My church has once again blessed us with produce. I've canned 48 jars, quarts mostly of tomatoes, 28 quarts of potatoes, a few pints of potatoes, 10 quarts of French onion soup, a few pints of the same, 3 quarts of okra and 1 pint (I wished there was more)...
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    Ideas/ways to re-use/recycle "rubbish"?

    I have painted in the past but the Wildbunch have lost all my art supplies. I'm thinking I might take it up again. I've been wanting to do a pen and ink of the old courthouse around the corner or maybe our church or both.
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    Soap from used cooking oil

    You might enjoy a french fry scented soap.:D
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    Average Joe MREs

    I've saw regular frozen, shredded hash browns dehydrated. I think it's probably Linda's Pantry (again not me, another Linda). It could be cheaper to do it yourself.
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    Laugh(s) for the day