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    CFL Light Bulbs, why, when and other prepper options

    LED is definitely gaining ground now that incandescent bulbs are being phased out. But it seems such a shame though not to have incandescent bulb anymore. I like the nostalgic feeling it evokes.
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    Hot water heater

    yes tankless heaters seem to be the good choice when it comes to energy saving. But I guess it also depends on where you are and the average temperatures there.
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    General Power Saving Tips

    try to use LED-based lighting for all your lights. I know its kinda expensive but the initial cost will pay for itself in the long run since LEDs are incredibly durable. They are also very energy efficient so you wont be using as much power for your lights.
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    Can a LED light be used to power a solar panel?

    depending on the type of LED, though it wont be as efficient as other light sources.
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    LED Light bulbs

    How about these websites: * * * Just copy and paste the URL on your browser. There...
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    LED Light bulbs

    LEDs are powered with solar PV power augmented with grid electricity, even bigger savings can be gained by using DC, according to the research. And as the cost of LEDs decrease, the savings from transitioning to an LED-DC combination will improve, according to CMU researchers. By 2015...
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    Air pollution bigger threat than dirty water

    Urban air pollution is set to become the biggest environmental cause of premature death in the coming decades, overtaking even such mass killers as poor sanitation and a lack of clean drinking water, according to a new report.