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    I'm doing pretty good.

    I have a friend in NM who has lyme disease :( When we go out hiking, I do think about it and check kinda (and I only have one kid and he's 20!) Thanks for the advice though as it keeps it all in the front of my brain, and given my brain these days, I need things in the front - the back is...
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    I'm doing pretty good.

    Well I lived many of my years in the Cleveland area - suburbs, downtown, etc. And now I live in a small college town west of Cleveland. I'm sure they're here, but fortunately I haven't met one!
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    I'm doing pretty good.

    I have never even seen a tick.
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    Can you live without paper towels?

    Definitely - did so for many many years, until I got married recently.
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    fence project

    ooops...I replied to someone I had already replied to!
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    fence project

    Thanks Ticks and Morel - the back of the yard is being worked on this week - soon it will be all done! WHOOT!
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    How Self Sufficient Are We?

    I'm actually getting overwhelmed because I keep thinking of ways of being MORE self sufficient... ':barnie and berating myself when I find myself not up to my own standards. I take things too seriously sometimes!
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    who has rain barrels?

    yep, you can by pre-made rain barrels, or make your own with found storage/food drums. We found ours.