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    ATV for Farm Stuff - need direction from y'all

    i've used and worked with both ATVs and UTVs i would highly recommend going with a UTV and you can find good ones used if you can bump your price up another 750 it makes a difference on whats available plus there is always room for negoiations with cash in hand. ATVs are great if you are doing...
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    CPAP machine Leasson learned for camping and loss of power.

    about 8 years ago i started doing research on how to power my cpap machine without the grid being up and maintaining it so the following are some options for power / cleaning / water. Power: Marine Battery with 400W inverter For quite some time i used a marine battery with a 400W continuous...
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    Food plots.

    fun you should mention food plots. last year my father put in a set of food plots on the edge of his property where the deer usually travel. i want to say maybe a half acre each. the deer ignored them and cut a path through them to his garden. the plots and garden where all the same and he kept...
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    The Gun Thread

    x2 and even then you will need to know how to operate the shotgun.
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    Bamboo for Homestead Use

    Bamboo is also great alternative to wood fuel. just remember to split it before you put in the fire (its explodes if not done)
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    Hello from Virginia.

    Welcome from Norfolk VA!
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    The Gun Thread

    i've found that i enjoy shooting and hunting over the years but i do not want to have a huge arsenal at home. i have my hunting rifle, my shotgun (with short lane adapters for a menu of calibers), and a hand gun or 2. i would love to have a muzzle loader and ball /cap pistol but thats a want...
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    The_whingnut's road to ........................

    we are doing ok just trying to get this Navy gig over with so i can be out in the hills again. DW is holding down the fort at home while i'm floating for freedom.
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    The_whingnut's road to ........................

    oh also none of my hops lived. just not enough sun in the back where i could put them. we had to remove most of our black berries from the yard due to taking over the flower beds. but i kept some in the back yard for when we go back home. we did get a fig tree from the City and its living its...
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    The_whingnut's road to ........................

    so the happening over the last few years. we got the composting worms going in 2016, a dog poop reactor installed and did a lot of repairs to the house in 2016 and again in 2019. Bear past away in Aug 2017 a month after my Granna (those 2 where peas in a pod). to stay in a stable area and pay...
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    The_whingnut's road to ........................

    well plans are still on hold as i am on my third ship in a row. we are looking at a property south of Nashville for my upcoming retirement. i wish i had more to add to the site but living in town near the beach is cramping my plans.
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    can't to make fabric softner sheet for dryer

    How long do the wool balls last?
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    Back at it. Slow and steady!

    Back at it. Slow and steady!
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    stuck in the city and losing my damn mind.

    stuck in the city and losing my damn mind.
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    Very Quiet in Here

    i'm just out here floating getting nowhere on my mirco homestead.