1. tortoise

    Pet Hamster

    DS7 got a female syrian hamster for his birthday. They are notorious for being hard to keep happy. They need a large habitat and a lot of enrichment. Its tempting to buy all the things for a huge beautiful cage, but I'm trying to be a good example for DS7 and use the opportunity for him to make...
  2. milkmansdaughter

    cool ideas for cinder blocks

    I hope this comes up. There are a lot of neat ideas here...
  3. milkmansdaughter

    pillow case skirts

    I sew like I do most things, impulsively and without a real plan, certainly without a pattern. But these are super easy so I thought I'd share. There's a little girl in our church who just started school. She's 5, and tall for her age, but skinny. Her mom has had trouble finding dresses for her...
  4. milkmansdaughter

    What can I do with this??

    I thought it might be good to have a thread for this kind of question... My neighbor's have two full sized Ac house units they want gone. They just got new ones for their house. I dont believe the old ones work. So I'm hauling them to my house. I can always scrap them, but does anyone know what...
  5. milkmansdaughter

    Making new window screens

    I hope I'm not double posting this, but I didn't find it searching... Our house has NO screens on any of the windows. The windows are the kind that angle out when you turn a gear. We are making our own screens. We're not professionals, but I'm really proud of my crew! Comments welcome. (Please...
  6. milkmansdaughter

    Help, perch width

    @Joel_BC @Britesea @Hinotori @baymule @Beekissed @crealbilly How wide are the roosts your chickens rest on at night? I read that chickens like to sleep at night flat-footed, but all the DIY roosts I've seen have 2x2 roost bars (including mine) would 2x4's be better? What's inside your roosts?
  7. Beekissed

    Helpful videos on simple maintenance and repair

    Sumi hinted at a thread for maintenance and repair, so here's my contribution. This first vid was one I used to help me take apart the carburetor on our wood's not the same carburetor, but it's similar enough that it helped me have the confidence to just do it. I tore it down...
  8. Beekissed


    A place to show what we are working on now, put up pictures, vid or whatever of what we are doing on the homestead or off of it. My project today is to fashion a garden gate to fit the arbor I'm putting up at the entrance to my son's little BTE garden in town. I've got the arbor posts...
  9. Beekissed

    Amazingly helpful video!!

    Feel free to post similarly informational vids to this post....I LOVE life hack vids but then can never remember where I put them.
  10. ChickenMomma91

    Homemade pepper spray/ animal deterent

    Looky what I found! I'm going to use it to keep the little **** head dogs in my neighborhood from hiking a leg on my garden and keep them out of my yard in general.