1. lcertuche

    Son Broke Leg

    My 12-year old son broke his leg Tuesday night. He was at a friend's house and jumped off their roof on the trampoline. She called and told me that she thought it was broke. I drove there and sure enough one look and I knew it was broke. I had her call an ambulance. They took him to the big city...
  2. N

    Here's to the farm dogs

    I had a moment of appreciation for my farm dog Lui today. He isn't a Livestock Guardian Dog, he isn't a herding dog. He's an all around family/farm dog. I couldn't ask for a better friend. He lets my daughter climb all over him, hangs out with the goats, and barks when he sees a stranger nearby...
  3. Miss Lone Star's Travels

    Unplugged and Living on our Boat- Headed to Bahamas

    Hello all. We wanted to be more self sufficient and we have two young kids. I am retired Army and a 100% service disabled Veteran. We sold all of our possessions and the house in Austin, TX and moved aboard our boat. It is not ideal, in a self sufficient way but we are headed in the right...