1. tortoise

    Habit changes for reducing electricity use

    I'm interested in your habit changes for using less electricity. I'm especially interested in "extreme" frugal habits since web searches produce articles with suggestions I've exhausted. No tips for buying different light bulbs, appliances, devices in this thread please.
  2. lcertuche

    Back to Living Summit They Fundamental Home is encouraging watching this free summit of all things frugal. If you ever wanted to learn back to basic skills like canning this is for you.
  3. milkmansdaughter

    More and more free wood

    It's funny how quickly plans can change with just a phone call... I was just getting ready to work on the garden and M. got a phone call. Our friend is clearing his place to get ready to move and just brought a 16' trailer loaded with free wood, with two more loads once we unload the trailer...
  4. milkmansdaughter

    CSA/ Farm sharing anyone??

    Hi All, Upon recommendation, I just starting to look into CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) / Farm sharing. Does anyone here have any experience with CSA? ANY input + or - would be appreciated! Here's a link for more information:
  5. lcertuche

    Crepes to beat the heat.

    I watch Living on a Dime on YouTube and Tawra was making crepes. It looked easy and I wanted to make dessert I wouldn't have to bake so I decided to give it a go. It went really quick and finally a purpose for that little green skillet DH insisted I buy. I used a strawberry sauce and chocolate...
  6. Beekissed


    A place to show what we are working on now, put up pictures, vid or whatever of what we are doing on the homestead or off of it. My project today is to fashion a garden gate to fit the arbor I'm putting up at the entrance to my son's little BTE garden in town. I've got the arbor posts...