1. Wineberry Hill

    1,500 ladybugs and how I deal with APHIDS

    Hi Everyone, I ordered 1,500 ladybugs for the greenhouse, and my wife said..."You should make a video about that!" So here it is:
  2. tortoise

    What did you do in your garden today?

    I couldn't find the old thread, so starting a new one.
  3. milkmansdaughter

    All things blooming...the Flower thread

    Hi All,:frow I thought we should have a thread dedicated to all things blooming. This can be a place to showcase your yard or maybe to add pictures of something you want to identify. Which flowers grow naturally in your part of the world? Which ones are natural pollinators? Which ones attract...
  4. BarredBuff

    To plant or not?

    So, my garden has come together very nicely this week. It has dried out enough to work the ground and prepare it for the Spring. Simultaneously, they are giving excellent weather for the next week. I'd like to take this time, and plant my potatoes, green onions, peas, broccoli, and cabbage. My...
  5. milkmansdaughter

    cool ideas for cinder blocks

    I hope this comes up. There are a lot of neat ideas here...
  6. L

    Lazy Gardener's Little Town Farm

    I'm starting this thread for miscellaneous trivia that is pertinent to my management of my little bit of heaven. Hopefully, this will keep me from hijacking other folks threads with my trivia. Hubby and I purchased this 4+ acre parcel of land in Central Maine 42 years ago. We built our own...
  7. milkmansdaughter

    using greywater/graywater

    This recently came up on another thread. I searched, but couldn't find other threads on this. Thanks @Mini Horses for the suggestion, and my apologies if it's already a thread. Does anyone else use greywater? Is it legal in your state? I'd love to see pictures of your setup, and how you use...
  8. milkmansdaughter


    Is anyone familiar with Wwoof?? It's an international volunteer program to promote cultural and educational exchange where people interested in learning farming or agricultural or other skills would volunteer to help at your homestead. No money is exchanged between host and...
  9. Roxanne Falkenstein

    Oregon Newcomer

    Hey ya'll I'm Roxanne!! A gardener, permaculturist, and cook. I love nursery work and food preservation. I teach some small classes at a local farm about soil building techniques, baking bread and pastries and uses for common weeds as medicine and food. I am also an avid seed collector and run a...
  10. milkmansdaughter

    Greenhouses anyone?

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has greenhouses for the winter? I've got 4 of various sizes. Anyone else growing veggies indoors this winter?
  11. Peckadoodle

    Howdy from Texas

    About 10 years ago we moved from the "big city" to a plot of Texas Hill Country and followed in Farmer MacDonald's footsteps. We garden in raised beds and a large greenhouse, raise all sorts of animals (cattle, goats, doggies, chickens, runner ducks), and enjoy good old-fashioned home cooking...
  12. milkmansdaughter

    Lining raised beds- help please

    We have wood crates for raised beds. The wood is currently untreated. For those who made their own raised beds, did you line them with anything? I've got rolls of the thick white/clear plastic that I was thinking of using. What have you used? Paint? Plastic? Urethane? We'd like them to last but...
  13. BlackgardenerNJ

    NEW here!

    Hello all I'm a hobbyist beekeeper a gardener and a recent owner of laying hens. I'm interested in learning more about solar energy and canning more!
  14. milkmansdaughter

    CSA/ Farm sharing anyone??

    Hi All, Upon recommendation, I just starting to look into CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) / Farm sharing. Does anyone here have any experience with CSA? ANY input + or - would be appreciated! Here's a link for more information:
  15. Beekissed

    What did you do in the garden today?

    Picked and ate some juicy rhubarb, scuffed up some weed seedlings out of the wood chips, fashioned a new garden gate out of an old section of picket fence. It frosted heavy here last night and supposed to do it all again tonight, but nothing looks the worse for wear out there. The lettuce...
  16. lcertuche

    Sustainable: A Soapbox Moment

    I'm watching a film on Netflix Sustainable. It is really long but really had ideas that I feel are important for the health of our country and even the soil. They speak of soil health, sustainable crops, and of course they speak about the modern big farm practices. A couple of things that...
  17. lcertuche

    Permaculture for when the SHTF

    I've been listening to a lot of people talking about the right of the government to go into your home and taking your foodstores. Of course this has been the case since the Civil War when so many Southerners almost starved to death because of this. SHTF or not we should be able to feed our...
  18. Lynn Manes

    New Here

    Hello, I'm Lynn in California, and a member of BYC. My new hubby of 5 months,Michael, & I started a little mini farm two years ago. We raise chickens & ducks for eggs, quail for both eggs & meat, and rabbits for meat also, although I must admit two things: I've turned 4 of them into pets, & I...
  19. veradriane

    Hello from Melbourne

    Hey all! My name is Veronika and I'm a gardening and green living enthusiast from Melbourne. Being an avid gardener, I have a 10,000 sq.ft. yard with a large grape plantation. I'm also homesteading common vegetables, and fruits, and maintain a lush flower garden near my front porch. I've been...