1. N

    NH Homesteader's first kidding season!

    Well, I meant to start this thread before the first babies were born but.... That didn't happen! I'll post the story tomorrow but we have a buckling and a doeling, the first kids born on the farm to Patty! Both are clean, dry, nursing and snuggling with mom!
  2. milkmansdaughter

    Trade shows and other fun...

    We are on our way home from our first Alabama trade show with 6 more chickens and a new pen. We spent a lot of time telling each other ,"no, we do not need/are not ready for a goat/kitten/puppy/pig/turkey/duck/violin/DVD player" (And no! @baymule, we really don't need pigs...yet! :lol:) We...
  3. Beekissed

    Livestock Guardian Dogs

    As many of us have such breeds or are contemplating them for future homesteading needs, I thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to them and folks who have them or breed them can contribute and teach us things. Here's one of the best vids I've seen lately on LGDs...just a simple...
  4. Farmfresh

    Mineral Supplements for Your Sheep and other Livestock

    Here is a subject of great importance that is not often covered by most homesteading info. I thought a little video should be in order. I hope it helps some of you new to livestock
  5. samssimonsays

    New member from Northern Minnesota!

    Hi y'all! I am just now joining and I can't believe it. I have referred here in the past as I was researching things for a homestead and just kept going. Now we are a bit closer to being more self sufficient with goats, their milk and making cheese and candies from it, making our own bread...
  6. N

    Feeding goats

    Alright folks, anyone feed their goats a homemade feed mix from whole grains? I'm trying to get away from commercial feeds but am having a tough time finding much information about good mixes. Also, if you do this, how do you ensure that they are getting enough copper? Edit: I do give a free...
  7. abigalerose

    New to goats

    I'm probably getting a goat Sunday, a Nigerian dwarf goat, I'll be building a secure pen this weekend with adequate shelter, a bucket for grain, a feeder for hay, and maybe something to play on. I'll be looking for a goat friend to be with her as well. I'm buying her to milk. I have a few...
  8. abigalerose

    eliminating bills - homesteading

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum (and to being self sufficient), and I'm looking for some ideas/feedback. A little background, I'm moving to a 7 acre farm on the 30th, I raise Golden Retrievers, I have horses, I've had 1 big and successful garden, I have a flock of chickens, and I have a...