1. Beekissed

    Egg and meat production in poultry

    Thought I'd start a thread about goals for a homestead least, my goals, and I assume the goals for many who are trying to produce food on the homestead. Chickens are a big part of that here, as they are our only livestock right now. Last year I didn't keep track of egg numbers...
  2. Beekissed

    What happens to layers when they stop laying~WARNING: GRAPHIC PICS

    I always discourage newbies to chickens from getting the production layer birds. Unless someone is experienced in poultry and practice regular culling of spent layers, they are a poor, poor choice, particularly if someone is wanting to have pet chickens. I know the high production is...
  3. Beekissed

    Management practices to improve livestock food production~meat, eggs, milk, etc.

    I try every year to improve egg and meat production, while still trying to maintaining a balance in a dual purpose flock, of both. I don't want to lean too far one way or the other or one loses the meaning and purpose of a dual purpose breed~that of acceptable production of both meat and eggs...