1. L


    I just LOVE growing potatoes. I think they are my favorite vegetable to grow. And a freshly scrabbled potato does not at all resemble the pathetic specimens found at the grocery store. I've been wandering down the google bunny trails about all things pertaining to potatoes, and have found...
  2. BarredBuff

    To plant or not?

    So, my garden has come together very nicely this week. It has dried out enough to work the ground and prepare it for the Spring. Simultaneously, they are giving excellent weather for the next week. I'd like to take this time, and plant my potatoes, green onions, peas, broccoli, and cabbage. My...
  3. Beekissed

    Garden pests...what do you do with them?

    Trying Neem for the first time this year....so far I'm not impressed. :rolleyes: The Jap beetles are still chewing their way through my apple trees, my apples, my taters, my beans and anything else they choose to light upon. Not only that, but they are mating like it's a Roman orgy, whereas...