1. DelcoMama82

    Is my self canned tomato sauce safe to eat?

    I had plans last night to try some of our canned tomato sauce last night. However when we tasted it, there were some strange flavors like beef bouillon or Worcester sauce. It didn’t taste sour or bitter, however it is likely to be 2 or 3 years old. Any advice? Thanks!!!!!!
  2. L

    The best of the best tomatoes

    Going through my stash of seeds, it's no surprise to me that I have amassed quite a collection of tomato seeds. I've had luck with sprouting 9 year old seeds. So... this year, I'm going to grow some of my usual favorites, and try a few new ones, or do repeat trials of some. I'm reading a lot...
  3. BarredBuff

    Any idea on why my plants are discolored?

    Normal tomato plant. Purple'ish tint to some and less vigorous. So, I got these plants for free. They were discolored when I got them, and most of them have came out of it. These plants are next to each other. I think it is probably a nutrient deficiency of some sort. Any ideas on what is...
  4. tortoise

    Ways to stake tomatoes?

    @frustratedearthmother mentioned the Florida weave. I had to go google it, very cool! I think this is the year I stake, fence, cage, or otherwise keep my tomatoes off the ground. I'm interested in ways to do so that work in large gardens. I expect to plant 30 - 50 tomato plants this year...