chainsaw question - bar length preference


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Dec 30, 2019
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I got a Stihl MS 171 when my father died. ****ty way to get a first chainsaw, but it happened right when I needed one. It hadn't been started in at least two years and it started right up :).

It's good as a saw you would use to cut small branches (a trimmer so to speak) but it's got a small bar (I want to say 16", but then you also lose an inch or so where the housing begins. That model takes a 14" or 16") so when you're cutting anything of merit you're right up to the material you're cutting, etc...

Anyways, I'm looking at getting a little bigger saw and am curious what you prefer for bar length. The 16" felt like I was just too close, but I'm a little worried that 18" wouldn't be enough of a step up. So, not talking model or engine size what bar size do you prefer for lots of common work? I'm cutting down a ****load of Amur Maple, if you care to know.
Well. My dad actually has an old saw that we still use long before he left us. we still use it until now.
I think I would pass on a saw that was that old. He's selling it for a reason, yes? If it was still meeting his needs, and he trusted it's performance,
he would not be selling it.
I would never sell my old saw. It was actually my dad's and it has sentimental value, Even if it is old and rusty. I will never sell it.

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