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Mar 11, 2012
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swapping seeds via mail is more expensive than outright purchasing them.
But swapping among friends is such a gift. I've had folks on this forum send me seeds and I do know that they spent more on postage than I would have spent on seeds. But, I appreciate those folks and their generosity. What else is kindness and friendship about?

I've also sent plants and products that I've produced to folks here. I didn't worry about the cost of postage because I enjoyed the act of giving.


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Oct 13, 2014
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Mesa az zone 9
I'm tired lol, I forgot how tiring it is being around a huge group of people!
We woke up early, took the light rail and bus to the seed up and found out there was a farmers market going too!! Poppa bear had never been to one so we walked round and checked it out, love farmers markets, love going but not entirely loving the prices tho :/ it's so contradicting cause I know how expensive it is to grow out here and all the cost involved but I still see the price and go ouch, I need to eat all week not two or three days :oops: especially more contradicting since I may end up selling veggies and produce someday if all goes well! Super can't wait for our garden to be producing enough that we don't really need to go to the store for much foodstuffs..... derailing though lol

20190928_143835.jpg a pic of the seeds we got! If I had paid attention to the amount I'd been spending I coulda got waaaaay more lol, guess theres always next year
20190926_063627.jpg a pic of the row we put up with pumpkins, hoping to at least get some good foliage by halloween, with luck mayby evenjust a few pumpkins by Thanksgiving.... more rows might be coming this season.
20190925_063818.jpg old pic of the butternut in the back, I'll be planting some more soon, possibly tonight lol off to play a lil minecraft and chill :frow:thumbsup
Hope you are all well, Healthy and as happy as you can be :ya

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