Empire State Building cuts energy use 20%


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Aug 23, 2010
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There are ways around doing some of it.. I live in an older (104 this summer) home and I cut our gas and electric down quite a bit by doing what would have been done in the past.. We no longer heat the upstairs in the winter nor cool it in summer. I made big drapes that go all the way to the ground for our stair well. Another on our kitchen doorway. I made window quilts that tuck in to the window itself(so that the cold air doesn't drop to the ground). In summer I bought cheap survival blankets and cut them to fit the windows and they reflect much of the heat back out(same as the window quilts.. tucked into the frame close to the window but no gaps for it to leak in).. when it cools at night(if it cools this summer is something else) I turn on the fans upstairs blowing out.. and they suck all the cooler air in.. Set the alarm and get up before the sun and shut off fans and close all the windows and trap that cool in.. most days it kept us from having to turn on the air till later in the day.. like 5pm. some days we don't have to use the air at all.
Sure we are trying to replace all the windows one at a time with the same size as is there.. but most are special order so one or two a year if that. I will not put those little "standard" windows in and then have to piece in some kind of "trim" and have them not look right. Sad thing to do to old homes.
Poor hubby and son tho.. in the winter I like it cold in here.. about 65.. so we have plenty of quilts to cuddle under. ;)
But it is good that some of the "rich" folk are trying to be greener..