FRANK an Answer to Prayer

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Apr 2, 2021
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Definitely a new day.

Bambi- I appreciate you posting your thoughts.

I’ve followed this forum for a long time. I’ve read decades worth of journals. I’ve seen the decline that came after the moderator passed. I’ve been involved with other forums in the past that all had mods. Not sure why there hasn’t been another one here.

I took some time last night to reach out to some folks who were previously involved in this forum. I received a couple of responses. One was that no way would they come back. The other was very enlightening. That person shared a website with me that opened my eyes to what lies in the hearts of some members here.
Unbelievable!!!!!! Inconceivable!!!! Wanna peanut????

FRANKLY, I joined this forum because I saw what Bambi saw and thought some members would be taking their opinions to a more appropriate forum. Maybe they will feel more comfortable with the pillow place as it seems they feel persecuted by anyone here who doesn’t agree to their dogma.

May the self-sufficiency resume!
Not open for further replies.