Habit changes for reducing electricity use


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Jul 17, 2017
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What about just killing the main breaker 😅 seriously though. Switching all lighting to LED, was the only thing that really showed a savings on the electric bill. And... I realize I just violated the rules for this thread.

I don't know if you know this or not but my wife is legally blind at night, so lights are a must for her. And she'll turn into a pumpkin if she drives after dark. I can't begin to count the number of times I've had to go and rescue her because she got caught up in traffic or something.
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Oct 24, 2019
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any time you are installing a switch for a device you really need to make sure the switch is rated for the amount of current it will have going through it. the same for any power cords/extension cords. you don't want a fire!

some of the really poorly made electrical surge protectors can be as much of a hazard as a surge itself.

one thing i have to do here is make sure Mom is not wrapping cords around things or hiding them under things. they're not meant to be wrapped and put under things and if you have an extension cord under something and it gaps enough then that can also invite troubles.

to train people to turn off lights. start mentioning it when they do it but don't get too negative, but reward them for when they do it in a really nice way, a hug and a thank you are usually good. different kinds of star stickers. special treats (but beware making sweets and foods the major point of things - he says as Mom just made me a pan of rice-krispy-treats haha).

i would tell you about something Mom did for work but i'm out of time here for the evening.