Have any of you ever been asked to take control of someone's finances?


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Apr 18, 2013
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Oh yeah! My Mom is someone who loves to buy things for our house, either it is needed or not, that is why she is always short on her monthly budget. She knew that I am a very thrifty and frugal person, so she asked me to take hold of her savings and of her finances and not to let her buy too much groceries and other unnecessary stuffs.

I think it is a must that we only buy things that we needed, try to spend few bucks a day in order to have some left to put on your piggy bank or in your savings because having savings is truly worthwhile.

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Jun 11, 2010
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Lafourche Parish, LA
Well, we back on speaking terms, but I'm not ever bringing up the subject of money with her and if she brings it up with me, I just don't know what I will say to her. She better be taking care of her rent, utilities and buying her food and meds before she does anything else, but if not, its no longer my problem. All I can say is we have most of the money we will need to bury her with, when the time comes. I am over being hurt about it. Even though she tried to make people believe all kinds of bad stuff on me, I know that everyone concerned knows better. Never again will I be doing this for someone. I can only think of one scenerio that this might actually visit me again, but I won't even speak of it because its just entertaining nonsense. Deep down, she knows and the rest of the family knows what all I did for her. I hope the last writter has a very docile, kind and understanding mother.