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Jul 16, 2017
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It just dawned on me what will the history books say about the time in which we are living? It's an interesting thing to think on 🤔.

My wife left Wednsday morning with her best friend to go up north for a graduation. She wanted to go with them. I said no that's ok, I'll hang around with the animals. She said I'll rent a car and go visit some friends while i'm there, then drive back home turn the rental car in. So a mini vacation kind of thing, which is cool with me.

But just so you are all aware, there is a rental car shortage, it's first come first served when they have a car, at least in northern Illinois it is. She couldn't find one anywhere. One rental car place told her to come pick up a car, then not long afterwards she got a cancellation call. The guy told her she could use Uber or Lift to get around. I really pity that man, i know my wife. She probably tore him a new one, 1/2 as big as the state of Texas. She was still hotter than southern Texas when she was talking to me on the phone. That man probably has words on him that clorox won't clean off.

Now my son is driving her 1/2 way home and my daughter in law is going to go pick her up. I'll be very happy, when she's back. I quickly came to the conclusion, that I don't like my cooking at all. It's pretty bad... She even left me instructions and I followed them, but nothing tastes the same.

Man how things have changed... I guess the picture I'm trying to paint is. If you're going to plan a trip, put that project management hat on and make sure you cover all the details. Don't take anything for granted or you may find yourself stranded in a hotel room somewhere. That is, if there are any available hotel rooms.

Jesus is Lord and Christ 🙏❤️🇺🇸
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