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Almost Self-Reliant
Apr 2, 2021
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Hello there. It’s nice to catch up a little bit.
I gave the goose antibiotics and dewormer and everything I could throw at him for days. One morning he was literally drooling and couldn’t stand. Then, that evening, he just decided he didn’t want to be sick anymore and got up.
Finally finished summer school. I love the challenge, but I got two days off the entire semester until the end, and one of those was because I had the flu and couldn’t really see straight. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time off right now.
Cleaning the yard and house and everything. Found out I have mold in my bathroom cabinet area, under the sink. It smelled musty and then I saw some green fuzzy stuff on the cabinet door. Yuck and no thank you. Have to get that under control.

I think that’s all I’ll post for now, got to go finish dinner. Hope y’all are well.