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Dec 23, 2020
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Hey everyone! I’m sure I know most of you already, so you don’t need to welcome me too much, but I’m extremely excited to join here! I know all kinds of people on BYC. BYC is what brought me here. I know Nifty, fuchsia, Kiki, black cat, CluckNdoodle, who is actually joining with me right now as well 😁.There are so many others I know on there that I just can’t list. Maybe there are some staff that are also on BYC. Anyway, it’s great to join, and I can’t wait to feel at home just like I do on BYC.

So, about me: I don’t currently live out in the country on a farm, but I’ve been thinking about moving to a farm for years now. I’m still a little young, so it’s not quite possible yet, but I’ve been doing some planning. I’m an all-time lover of animals; they’re my favorite thing in the world, and it gives me such a thrill to take care of them. I love hatching eggs as well.

so that’s just a little background. Can’t wait to meet new people though!

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