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Super Self-Sufficient
Feb 11, 2011
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well firstly
"the monster list"
01. Name? Gemma
02. Gender? Female
03. Disneyworld or Disneyland? Never been to either
04. What is your favorite color? Pink
05. What is your favorite kind of gum? i dont chew gum
06. How much do you weigh? currently 228lbs, but i had gastric bypass in september of 2010 and thus far have lost 93lbs with about 70lbs left to go
07. How tall are you? 5ft 8in
08. Can you swim? yes
09. Do you like to swim? yes
10. Living arrangement? Single, currently living with parents
11. What's on your mouse pad? nothing, I have a laptop
12. Favorite board game? monopoly
13. Favorite magazine? Mother Earth News
14. Favorite Actor? Johnny Depp and hugh jackman
15. Favorite Actress? Angelina Jolie
16. Do you have an accent? Im origionally British, most people however think im from australia or south africa as i have a slightly muddled accent
17. Favorite smells? baking bread, fresh ground coffee, warm fresh hay
18. Least favorite smells? skunk
19. Favorite sound? Rain on a metal roof
20. Do you prefer pools or oceans? lakes, i dont do well with saltwater, but i hate chlorine!
21. Do you watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer? i did, the last few seasons i drifted away though as it started to get silly
22. Pencil or pen? pencil, i like having the option to change things easily
23. Who's better - boys or girls? each has their strengths
24. Would you like to own a motorcycle? no, i want a motor trike!
25. Do you sing in the shower? Yes!
26. Who's the best looking Disney character? captain jack sparrow
27. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Gotta Pee!
28. How many rings before you answer the phone?depends on how close i am to the phone
29. How do you want to die? either in my sleep or a blaze of glory...
30. Have you ever called a 900 number? no
31. Gold or silver? silver
32. Would you ever go bungee-jumping? i have! dont think id do it again though.
33. Do you like dressing up? yes!
34. Would you rather be short or tall? i like "average"
35. Do you enjoy reading? not realy, i have trouble concentrating
36. What book are you reading now? nothing...
,37. Favorite books? chronicles of narnia, the hobbit, lord of the rings and the beatrix potter series
38. What was the last movie you saw? something campy on sci-fi channel
39. Favorite movies? chronicles of narnia, any of the pirates of the carribbean movies, wal-e, most clasic disney movies, madegascar, peter pan, hook...yes im an adult...i swear!
40. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? i have a stuffed lion at the end of my bed...and my cat typically has dinner before sure :p
41. What is your sign? sagitarius
42. What are your personality traits? im a dreamer, tend to be shy, a bit of a loner, but very loyal to my friends, adventurous and stubborn.
43. What's your biggest fear? never realy living
44. Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? yes, ill probably need excess skin removed and a breast lift after i get to my goal weight.
45. Future child's name? i like molly and toby, but i have very low fertility and no plans for children.
46. Favorite foods? serloin steak!
47. Chocolate or vanilla? definitely chocolate
48. Do you like to drive fast? no, i typically never go more than 5 above the speed limit.
49. Storms - cool or scary? cool
50. Do you like to dance? arkward
51. Do you do drugs? NO, never have, never will, with the exception as perscription as perscribed of course lol
52. Do you smoke? no, cig, cigar and clove smoke makes me realy ill!
53. What do you think of people who smoke? as long as they dont do it around me, your lungs, your life.
54. Do you drink? once in a bloo moon
55. Favorite drink? green tea, chocolate milk, regular milk
56. Do you think men and women could ever be just friends without wanting each other? yes, i have lots of good male frineds..and they are cute!
57. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? no, yick...then again i only just reacently developed a taste for broccoli florrets lol
58. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? either flip real estate (i love decorating/landscaping) or a zoo keeper, i was a zoo keeper but an accident made it impossible to continue :(
59. What's your "type"? sexy lumberjacks!
60. Do you bite your nails? yes, im trying to stop though, honest!
61. Any siblings? yes, a brother 2 yrs younger than me, and a sister 7 years younger than me.
62. What movies have you cried in? bambi gets me every time!
63. Do you believe in God? i belive in an energy higher than ourselves...
64. Did you ever cry over a guy/girl? yes
65. Have you ever stolen anything? no...i know id get caught
66. Do you procrastinate? YES
67. Do you believe in fate? kinda...i belive we all have a starting point and an ending point but what we do between there is pretty much our own doing
68. Who's your favorite Sesame Street character? it used to be elmo, but he got realy obnoxious over the past few i think its the count :)
69. Do you organize your CD's? no, i have a zune :p
70. What is your favorite kind of music? musicals, some pop, some lighter rock, and some country
71. What are your favorite bands/artists? hmmm, i like oasis, savage garden, the corrs...
72. What was the last CD you got? ummmm
73. MTV or VH1? I dont watch either
74. Who do you admire the most? my dad
75. Internet Boyfriends and Girlfriends? no, i dont do well with distance relationships
76. Are you single? yes
77. Favorite TV show? i like simpsons, bones, family guy, dr who, torchwood, true blood...hmmm...
78. Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads? well im a redhead...i dont have a preference in terms of partners...though i dont think id date another redhead lol
79. Glasses or contacts? i dont wear others it depends on the face :)
80. What color are your eyes? blue
81. What is your natural hair color? strawberry/light red
82. But what color is it now? a slightly darker red
83. Have you ever been in love? i thought so...but now i look back and i dont think it was realy love...
84. Any pets? currently MINE: 2 chinese crested dogs, jasper and ruby, 1 sever macaw, jack, 2 linneolated parakeets, cricket and loki, 1 black DSH cat, Tempi, 1 red parrot cichlid, gigantor, 2 red zebra cichlids little red and spot, 1 unidentified blue african cichlid, shilo, a tiger barb, ziggy, and an orange blotch cichlid OB-one.
adding the family pets: 3 chihuahuas, vixie dodger and rosie, 1 grey tabby dsh cat, pusspuss, 1 cocker spaniel, charlie, lots of goldfish and koi, some have names some dont.
and 11 chickens that include: 3 ee's dotty, gretta and olga, 1 dark brahma, phylis fluffy feet, 1 barred rock, ronnie, 1 partridge rock gertrude, 1 columbian rock, millicent, 1 black australorp, sam, 1 buff orphington Ethel, 1 speckled sussex, prudence. all hens, all egg layers all super cute!
85. Good, decent, or poor grades? i got very good grades untill my 4th yr of college after my head injury...i was an A-A+ student
86. Is the glass half empty or half full? being bipolar, it depends on the day lol
87. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? no, i tend to use 3 fingers.
88. What's under your bed? a smaller bird cage, some boxes of garb, a box for my wii and my christmas tree!
89. What is your favorite number? i like 13
90. Favorite sport to watch? i dont watch sports.
91.Kids names? no kids
92.Significant other's name? no SO
93.Do you like your parents? yes, im lucky to be very close to my parents
94.what kind of car do you own? 2002 chrysler sebring soft top, got her last year and LOVE her...
95.Naked or pajamas? nekkid, but i like to lounge around in my feety pajamas!
96.Messy or neat? i tend to be a little messy!
97.Did you go to college? yes, got my associates in bio, and am almost finnished with my ba in animal sciences and behaviour
98.Do you work? Not realy, i do alot of odd work here and there after not being able to find suitable work since my injury
99.Weirdest job? hmm, have to say probbaly most unique is definatly working at rennaisance faires...most awesome however was working as a zoo keeper
100.How old are you? 26

and while others said dont bother...
i am bisexual, pagan and liberal but dont get involved in polotics

so yeah, thats the long and short of it...

i currently live with my parents in connecticut...and while its a pretty state...its just too expensive for me.
im currently in the process of looking to relocate and right now eastern TN seems to be winning, i hope to buy an older but functional mobile on 5-10 acres asap...but i need another 7 months of rent checks to qualify for the im currently looking for a rent to buy option to try and move thigns along, i knwo i wont find much because im looking to spend only about $30,000 but hey, theres gotta be something out there right?!
im planning a trip through virginia into knoxville area and then back up through nc in mid spring to get a better idea of exactly where i want to be.

suggestions welcome, i want 4 seasons but a milder winter than connecticut, within an hour to a city and within 2 hours of an airport, low-no restrictions on land use and preferably within 1/2 hour to a lake/water source large enough to sail

my "plan" is to have a little homestead eventually replace the mobile/cottage with a custom built small earth bermed home with a living roof and eventually work my way off grid switching to solar and wind.
im a LONG way from that yet, but its all in the plan.

i also plan on having a small orchard, berry patches and of course vegatable gardens, herbs too. and i want dairy goats, sheep and alpaca for wool, chickens geese ducks and turkey, rabbits and livestock guardian dogs.

oh yes...lots of big plans, i just know they will all come together eventually determined!

umm, what else...
i grew up on a small family farm in the uk, loved it...

so yeah...i think thats it...
ive been told so many times that as a 26yr old "girl' theres no way i can survive int he self sufficient lifestyle...even now theres so much stigma that only men can pound fences and sheer sheep, but i refuse to accept that

i thought this would be a realy good way to doccument my journey over the next year and beyond.
and to show that anyone can become more self sufficient with the help of books, internet and wonderfull supportive people on forums like these!


Lovin' The Homestead
Jan 19, 2011
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Canterbury, CT

I'm in Canterbury, CT - what part are you in?

I went to college in Ashland, VA. It was absolutely beautiful. I would have loved to stay in that area but I met my hubby while home on summer break and since both our families are here and he already had a bunch of land we stayed.

Good luck with your venture! I look forward to living vicariously through you!


Super Self-Sufficient
Feb 11, 2011
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im in bethel down in fairfeild county...
i LOVE the state dont get me wrong (if we ignore the snow, i HATE snow and ice)
the fall here is breathtaking...
if it could just be spring and fall year round id be good to go lol.

but its soooo expensive and taxes for the state are going up again this year. :(

ive been living vicariously through another frined of mine for the past 2 yrs, she had a small house built in virginia and raises shetland so jealous lol.


Jun 18, 2009
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Grew up in Mystic. Don't miss it for a minute.


Late For Supper
Jan 6, 2009
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I spent some time in the Tennessee river valley a few years back. If I ever relocate, it will be to that area. Absolutely STUNNING.