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Feb 27, 2019
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Central Indiana
I guess it’s been a while since I posted on here. Around mid January I had what I think was a Fox attack. Could have been coyote, but since we haven’t actually seen any coyotes around here in a couple of years and since we did see a rather large fox twice during that week, it’s safe to assume it was a Fox.

I used to let my geese sleep outside their chain link kennel pen but inside the 5-strand electric wire fence because I thought the e-fence was doing a good job keeping predators out. Seeing the Fox outside the fence twice should have been my wake up call to lock them up at night just in case. I don’t know why I thought they would be safe. I was very mad at myself when I lost 3 of my 5 geese one night. It was very traumatic looking. Piles of feathers all over and trails leading in 3 directions. It was either 3 different predators, or the one fox came back 3 different times. My poor babies!! :hit

Of course, now the rest of them are locked up every night. :he:he:he

I had already been looking for a brown Chinese gander for my brown goose and since she was one of my survivors, I did eventually find one for her. And then I began looking for more white Chinese geese. The other survivor was one of the young unsexed ones from last spring. Eventually it became obvious she was a female. I ended up finding a pair of white ones that are about the same age as her. So I am back to 5 again.

So far the larger, older brown gander is putting the younger one in his place and they are getting along somewhat ok. Soon I know I’m going to have to separate them. I was planning to separate them by color, but it kind of looks like my two original females are attaching themselves to the opposite color ganders. So I’m not sure how I will end up doing it.

Günther and Gisela are the brown ones. Künegunde Knirps is the white one that hatched here, and the two new ones are Salamander Gander and Liz(ard). Those two still stick close together pretty much, so that’s how I can tell who is who in the pictures. Looking at them in person, there are a couple of other differences between the two white girls, but I don’t think those will last. Someday I might get them mixed up.

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Sep 2, 2015
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coastal VA
@CrealCritter I think you were talking about prices for broilers. @baymule posted this hatchery with $1.95 Cornish cross ...

Didnt check s/h fees but...go look. In Alabama.