'Tree' Bees


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Jul 5, 2018
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NE Oklahoma
I wish I had read this earlier but to the interest of those who find this later with the same problem.

If they kept moving/swarming to your house or elsewhere that would be perfect to just simply set up a hive and cross your fingers they move in and you have a swarm with out a removal. The tree could last a couple of years more. Also swarm traps are nice. NOTE I tried this and they only looked at my swarm trap.
It's nice to have a steady supply of feral's. If the branchs are falling they should still be good for years IF you don't take the tree out or a weird strong wind.

Also EVERYONE is worried about southern bee's beeing Afracanized. It's not as common as many think but something to ALWAYS consider. Also the queen can mate with 1 afracanized drone and many that are not. Therefore you can't get into a hive for a long time after they are just wonderful and easy to work. Then you Think about requeening and then they are nice again. Rare but possible. If so requeen.

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Aug 26, 2020
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Getting them out is possible. Search trap out bee colony.

It's a drawn out process. Basically you keep the bees from returning for the next few weeks. Give them a home they can access right next to entrance with one way cone on it. The return bees start using that as home. Eventually everyone inside leaves and hopefully takes up shop in provided home.

I've done several trap outs by putting a weak colony at entrance and proceeding with trap out. The extra numbers boost the weak colony and I am able to get them out of the problem area.

You have to make sure to seal all access points to original colony. They will use all ways out to ensure they get back.