Who wants to barter?


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Nov 10, 2012
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New Mexico
And what do you have/want?

I will come back later and edit these lists-

What I have-

crocheted scarves = $5- $15 each

crocheted dress potholders = $5 each

crocheted fingerless gloves/armwarmers = $10 - $25 /pr

Horses, all registered, some broke = $500 - $5000

Stud service to a race bred APHA Paint stallion, "Treasure My Color" -homozygous tobiano & black, wonderful riding horse = $750

Stud service to a cow bred AQHA Quarter Horse stallion, "Cee Bees Traveler"- palomino, gentle & calm temperament, THICK bones = $350

riding lesson =$60

good ol layin hen eggs, crossbred if hatched =$3/dz

purebred, color project, or EE eggs= $10-$25/dz, limited availability

roosters =$10- $15

very rarely- hens = $25 very limited

chicks= $5-$10, very limited

Here are some things I want-

Friesian Milk Sheep

Dairy goat doe who is currently milking, no horns, good udder, old ok

Hatching eggs- WLR Cornish, other Cornish, Cochin, Ameraucana, GL or SL Wyandotte, other (what do you have? lol)


other machinery/equipment, including small & hand help/powered stuff

Handpowered grinders

wash tubs

guns, ammo

rear tine tiller

front tine tiller

seeds/roots- esp BLOODROOT

pressure canner, jars, lids, rings, etc

fencing, panels, dog kennel, other fence


storage tubs, buckets

freestanding shelves, bookcases

chick brooder

sleigh, buggy, wagon, other horsedrawn vehicles/equipment

Male Daschund, very small and correct conformation, good temperament

Pair of LGD

car in safe, running condition, with clear title

1/2 & 1 gallon glass or plastic jars, with or without lids

Crockpots, with or without electric bases/lids

cast iron cookware

other pots & pans, with or without lids/holes/etc

scrapbooking stuff

Chicken, sheep, American flag decor

baskets of all sizes

sewing kits

sewing supplies- thimbles, thread, needles, patterns, batting, fiberfill, scissors, patterns

crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarn, patterns

other craft materials

terrycloth, polarfleece, denim, canvas, other fabric esp heavy fabric