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    Does this freak you out?

    Why do you persist in stating that I am name calling when the only time I see the words "nut jobs" or similar things is when you bring them up? That really drags the conversation way down. The point is that I do prepare for emergencies. I'm interested in hearing what others do. Again the...
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    Portable air conditioners?

    Maybe a ceiling fan in her room would help, although she might think she's suffering too much. I'm not really good at over heating as it occasionally gets to a hundred here in the summer but as it only lasts for a week or two, I usually open all the windows at night,put a fan into a window to...
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    Does this freak you out?

    OK - once more into the breach. Please read what I say. I believe in having enough stored to meet emergency needs, even if the emergency lasts a relatively long time. I also want to be able to do whatever I can on my own without having to rely on someone to come save me. I want to live well...
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    Does this freak you out?

    Point I was trying to make was "warnings" based on little fact and lots of emotion- trying to catch people attention to sell ad space with headines and no story. A meteor might fall on your house- it's happened. But no one builds (and pluuueeeze don't tell me if you did) a meteor proof roof...
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    Does this freak you out?

    Of course the US is in trouble. Much of the world has problems right now. If your car breaks down on the freeway, you're in trouble. But that doesn't mean you are going to die. You might but it is much more likely that everything will be reasonable OK. You will go on. I have a real...
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    Does this freak you out?

    No- Marketwatch- an internet site, is selling snake oil- which is always a good business in times of trouble.
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    Ya know it's been a long winter when.......

    OOOOOh- I love the pictures- no snow here yet. Just rain. But at least I get my snow fix from you all without having to shovel it. I just wasted money putting snow shedders on my mare. :D
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    NOW I get to feel smug

    What I truly don't understand is that this storm didn't sneak up on anyone- it was all over the news even in California. And you should feel good- you done good. :)
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    Value of knowing history in your area

    Where I live, there was a fertile area called Pepperwood. It was a large area near a large river with unusually good growing ground so a lot of truck farmers sprung up with accomanying little towns. This lasted for about 70 years. Then there was one "hundred" year flood in 1957 which took...
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    In a TOTAL banking meltdown..............

    What I said was that there are always people at both extremes of the emotional scale- some constantly report doom, others ignore everything uncomfortable. In order to understand anything, details and timeframes are required. Otherwise living in a box is what will happen because no one will...
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    How would you react???

    If he is using it for business purposes, he needs to treat you as a business supplier. If he feels he can use his friendship with you to get take advantage, then he is no friend. What if he damaged your equipment? Or was negligent and got sued? You might be liable too. To me this is clear- if...
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    got out the grain grinder and broke open the dehydrated apples

    And yes- it's a great enjoyment to know that everything in a meal , you produced. The closest I've come is everything but the oil and salt.
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    got out the grain grinder and broke open the dehydrated apples

    I just put them in mason jars without vacuum sealing- I have vacuumed sealed before but I seem to use things up before it would make a difference. I do keep them out of the light.
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    Potato chip cravings.. Alternatives?

    Seasoned croutons? I used to eat them like chips when I was young. A good thing to made with left over bread. I suppose carrots too but it just doesn't seem to cut it for me.