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    Apple Butter

    So I decided to make this Apple Butter tonight, ESPECIALLY after I got 18 pounds of Red Rome Apples from work for only $8!!! (I got such a good deal because they were ringing in the register wrong!) and they are all organic! I got my grandpa's crank apple peeler/corer/slicer so I used that for...
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    Outsmarted a hungry fox!

    ABSOLUTELY!!! My dad and brother live next door, and they are getting ready. Traps and the rifles are ready!
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    Today we did 4 different things We did some more Asian Pear jam, and it is setting up nicely. Then we finished processing the pumpkin and canned that, so now we have GREAT pumpkin just waiting to make pies! Then something TOTALLY cool. I made Mountain Dew Jelly! My DH got a recipe from...
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    Outsmarted a hungry fox!

    Yeah, we have a door on the coop and we close them up at night. I had gone out maybe 15 mins before it all happened to throw them scratch and check on the Mamma Cochin (we have a Cochin sitting on 1 of her eggs and 5 of the other girls' LOL!) and they were sticking around because it was getting...
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    Outsmarted a hungry fox!

    So, we have our 20ish chickens, and tonight was a night that I was actually home for once. I heard A LOT of chicken noise, and just as I looked out the kitchen window, I saw a Red Fox running towards the field with one of our Barnvelder hens in his mouth. I tore out the house and bolted out...
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    A new adventure!!! JAM MAKING!!!

    Hello All, This is CJ, and I did get my own SS screen name! I will put the recipe online tomorrow after I get home from work, it is VERY late already. Ha Ha.