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    Goats like kudzu. Read somewhere it had a fair amount of protein as an animal feed source. But that may be seasonal, as some forage does change it's makeup with weather. Fortunately none around here. Yep, it can takeover!!
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    What's for dinner?

    What? No freezer?? You have a frig? Ok -- you need to make another pan of those! :lol: if he doesn't get back soon enough, you'll have to eat those, too! Tough luck. Last night I had some ham and beans...used a pint of beans I had canned this summer. Fast, good, just added the ham...
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    I didn't either. Lol
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    What's for dinner?

    All brownies for you --- sounds suspicious! :lol: you know they freeze and he will return. 😁
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    Bones clicking and popping.

    Maybe you could stomach the vinegar as a salad dressing? Like oil & vinegar, Italian, etc.
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    Strawberries - permie/companion planting

    Well for 10 cent, doesn't matter but, just last yr seed so I'm thinking ok. I did get seeds organized and do need corn I will order those. :) All else, full to gills. Now some are new, some older. If old germinates less but, some, I'm good! No pressure. I mean if trashed none...
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    Strawberries - permie/companion planting

    Reading this and thinking I'd like a handful of tasty, fresh strawberries about now! Then remembered I had gotten some pkgs of strawberry seeds at habitat. Looked and they are Alpine :D. Nice accident. Sounds like I am in for a treat this summer. It's amazing what sometimes you luck into...
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    Frustratedearthmother's Journaling Journey

    ? 🤪 this means what?
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    Keep it there.....I don't want any of it! :idunno 🤪
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    I'm a Witch!

    Well, I think just nodding is a lot easier than nose twitching! Hope it works. Also, hope that shoulder is better.
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    Lazy Gardener's Little Town Farm

    I've read that something as fine as fishing filament can deter them. It distorts the distance perception??? You know they have astounding vision! Hope it keeps your flock safe. Also read that some old, shiny dvd discs work for that and in fruit trees to lessen birds on fruit. Alas, it...
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    I'm a Witch!

    Jeannie could wiggle her nose and make things happen -- do you have those skills??? Sure would help weeding the garden! 😁
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    Fifty Year Plan

    Adapt, improvise or overcome! I like that!!!
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    Fifty Year Plan

    I have lived my 50 yr plan! Have own farm, animals, garden, equipment, an income, make my own decisions. At this point, wants and needs are pretty clear. I have gone thru many transitions during those years of work, child rearing, marriages, parent care and deaths. Always kept my goal...
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    Not Happy with SS?

    Amen! Especially if you use those skills. Food is pretty have certainly learned and used. Feels good doesn't it? :love no one can take those skills from you.