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    Savingdogs-Saving the chickens

    WOW SD, so sorry about your chickens :hugs Some of the feather loss may be due to the stress & it may be awhile before you get eggs again. I know with mine, they can get 'stressed' over even minor stuff & it's like they 'plug it up' for a few days. :rant Once they calm down & think it's safe...
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    Stock up alert!

    I've often wondered if it would come to that again. My Ma & Auntie would talk of rationing & stamps & such when they were kids & not just for personal use stuff, but things like rubber too 'for the war effort' because everything went to the military first & the people got whatever was left, if...
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    Stock up alert!

    I've saved leftover coffee too in the fridge & reheated it in the microwave when I need a pick me up
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    Setting up shop! (Welcome to "Lulu's".)

    :lol: I sure hope not. But if you do, you just let me know & I'll testify 'No your honor, BBH didn't do ANYTHING wrong but if she did...the devil made her do it' :lau I'm sure you'll do just fine!
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    Ideas and recipes needed for NT/WAPF make ahead grab-n-go meals

    :frow OFG, when did you sneak in here???? And of course, I should have known 'Weston Price' as I've seen her post about it before. :frow to you too Free!
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    Ideas and recipes needed for NT/WAPF make ahead grab-n-go meals

    Ooops, NT must be Nourishing Traditions but the other I can't figure out & I'm not that familiar with either anyway. But here are some make ahead breakfast ideas I've used for the kids.... 1. French toast, pancakes & waffles are easy to make ahead & put in the freezer, just pop into the...
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    Since I have to work tonight, I'm taking out a pre-prepped meatloaf for the guys to just stick in the oven with some baked taters & some kind of veggie on the side. Oh so easy for everyone!
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    Stock up alert!

    I heard this morning on the news about a coffee bean shortage. Did anyone else hear this? The story mentioned weather as being the culprit. If this is true you can expect the prices to skyrocket over the next few months. About a year or so ago I was paying somewhere around $5-$6 per 39oz can and...
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    panning for gold ?

    OMGosh! This thread sure brings back memories.... We've done this for years & it's alot of fun for the whole family. DH used to have a dredge that would suck up all the material, then we'd pan it out. He had to sell the dredge because it was too big for his back & we haven't been since (2? years...
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    THAT is the gazillion $ question here too every night and sometimes I get stuck in a rut. Sometimes to help my dilemma I'll sit down & make a list of all the different things I know how to cook or that we enjoy, then kinda 'spin the wheel' to choose OR I'll watch the Food Network or scrounge...
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    The xXx Gloom & Doom Report Just a few more tidbits to...
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    Food waste

    I try to save nearly all leftovers for a day or two, depending on what it is & how much there is left. We do try to 'repurpose' leftovers atleast once and/or will have an 'eat out of the fridge' night when nobody feels like cooking. Sometimes it goes straight to the chickens. There will always...
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    I think I am allergic to.... But wait, there is hope.

    :hugs well that just sucks. Are you going to have to get rid of them? Or delegate their care to others?
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    The xXx Gloom & Doom Report

    Well fine...I have always admitted to being tech challenged so :tongue ............:gig