1. N

    Pet vaccines

    Does anyone give their dogs their shots themselves? If it's legal in your state anyway. I legally cannot give my dogs their rabies vaccine, but the rest I can. Just curious if anyone does this, what vaccines you give, and where you buy them? :)
  2. milkmansdaughter

    Great dog needs a home

    This is from my sister's friend. They live near Portland, Oregon. If anyone knows of someone looking for a great dog, please let me know! Nika our Rottweiler needs to be rehomed. Every place we look at has breed or weight restrictions and we are down to a bare minimum with who is special needs...
  3. Beekissed

    Farm Dogs

    The unsung hero of every farm and homestead, the multipurpose, courageous and loyal farm dog! Whether they be LGDs or just family dogs that work for a living, they spend each day keeping the land safe from intruders and predators, while also providing good and sweet companionship. I couldn't...
  4. N

    Here's to the farm dogs

    I had a moment of appreciation for my farm dog Lui today. He isn't a Livestock Guardian Dog, he isn't a herding dog. He's an all around family/farm dog. I couldn't ask for a better friend. He lets my daughter climb all over him, hangs out with the goats, and barks when he sees a stranger nearby...
  5. Beekissed

    Natural animal care

    I try to stay as natural as I can with the food animals and now also with the nonfood animals, so I keep some things on hand for deworming and other parasite removal, as well as treatment of boo boos. This morning the cats got their spring worming via ginger paste in tuna....every drop was...
  6. abigalerose

    eliminating bills - homesteading

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum (and to being self sufficient), and I'm looking for some ideas/feedback. A little background, I'm moving to a 7 acre farm on the 30th, I raise Golden Retrievers, I have horses, I've had 1 big and successful garden, I have a flock of chickens, and I have a...