1. treerooted

    Self Sufficient 2018 Goals

    Happy 2018! In the spirit of New Years resolutions I thought I'd open it up to our members to share their goals for the 2018 year on how they would like to improve their self-sufficiency. To really work on accomplishing something, the best goals are specific. For instance, the old new years...
  2. RoseHavenFarm

    Hello from Indiana

    Found this site from Backyard Chickens. We have a small homestead of eight acres, about five are woods. The woods have been neglected for decades, and need tending. Lots of weed trees, brambles...lots of work ahead. Our soil has a lot of clay, so we're using BTE to condition it. We've put...
  3. Beekissed

    Cats on the Homestead

    Thought I better give equal service to my other homestead work partners, the wonderful predator and all around great mouser, the homestead or barn cat. Post about your cats here! For some years we didn't have a cat, as cats disappear out here in the country....while they are hunting, some...
  4. Beekissed

    Farm Dogs

    The unsung hero of every farm and homestead, the multipurpose, courageous and loyal farm dog! Whether they be LGDs or just family dogs that work for a living, they spend each day keeping the land safe from intruders and predators, while also providing good and sweet companionship. I couldn't...
  5. Beekissed

    Organizing and decluttering the homestead

    Thought I'd start a dedicated thread to the practice of making homesteading life easier through decluttering, organizing and generally keeping things on the homestead where you can use them and find them easily. In today's world it's become common place for people to joke about being a...
  6. Beekissed

    Flowers on the Homestead

    What flowers do you grow at your place? What flowers would you like to grow? Are there reasons you grow certain ones? Are there certain flowers that just own your heart? Show your flowers!!!! I'm kind of haphazard in my planting of flowers, so no real plan from year to year. This soil...
  7. abigalerose

    Katahdin sheep

    I'm wanting to raise katahdin sheep in the future, so is there anyone out there who can tell me anything and everything you know about them?
  8. abigalerose


    does anyone know of a trustworthy and not over the top expensive place where I can buy a yurt? I'm in MO if that helps, not sure how much shipping is on them bad boys.