500 pound boar!


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Nov 13, 2010
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East Texas
We have just about wiped out Wilbur. Still have a freezer shelf stacked full of pork chops. No pan sausage left. Got tired of pork shoulder and ham steaks, so I thawed them out, had 52 pounds. Been making sausage and stuffing it, BJ is smoking it. Dang! It sure smells good! Day 1, I ran ham steaks and shoulders through the meat grinder. It is a small Oster, that I've had for 35 years. I had to keep shutting down to clean the cutting blades, the connective tissue kept wrapping around everything. Day 2, we smoked sausage yesterday. I ran the pork through the grinder on fine grind, then again to stuff it into hog casings. DH got most of it smoked, still have a bowl full of stuffed sausage in the refrigerator to finish smoking today. Day 3, I have 10 packages of ground meat to season up for pan sausage. We bought some collagen casings only to find out that they won't survive smoking on the pit, they are only for "fresh" sausage. So maybe I'll try my hand at that too. Last night's supper was smocked sausage sandwiches. Yum! I got a lot of links in the refrigerator to vacuum seal and freeze.