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Mar 16, 2021
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Kenai Peninsula
A few people are asking about straws for AI. I just want to study how it's done and all that's needed, before I make a decision if I will presue or not. I'm interested in helping the breed recover is all. I also started researching about registering him in the herd book, it will depend on if I do presue this AI business or not.

And no... I didn't take romeo to DQ, or play any barry white music. All the guy needs is a hefier or cow and he does the rest. You guys are a bunch of comedians (love it) 😅

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It is easiest to have the vet, or a trained tech do it for you.

There are places that all they do is AI, and any of those would be a better bet than your local vet.

It isn't that difficult with cattle. Except for the fact that cattle are large, so getting injured is a real and easy thing.

You need a tube for collection... that the bull mates into. And a bull that is used to ejaculating into a tube is pretty easy to handle, and it tends to go fast and easy.

But... if the bull isn't used to it... it can take a bunch of time.... and be all sorts of trouble.

Bulls can be picky, and want the tube a specific temperature. The tubes we used in school were filled with hot water.... you kept a book on the Bulls, and made sure you knew what each one preferred.

But this is why the AI center is so good. They will have all of the equipment, and great facilities, so it is safe to do.

After the semen is collected, you then pull the semen into the straws. And, if you aren't using it right off... put it into those liquid nitrogen containers, which are pricey.

Anyway... I would see where the closest AI center is.


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Mar 12, 2017
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Shenandoah Valley, Va
@CrealCritter ,,, I am late to the party. Everyone else has answered... How close are you to the Select Sire power bull stud? There are a couple places that you can take the bull to, in different states, to have him collected. It is not something you can do yourself... requires the equipment to collect, then it is run through for quality control, then sealed in the 1/2 and 1/4 cc straws, then flash frozen in liquid nitrogen. Super clean sterile conditions to handle the semen.
I would see if there is a AI tech close that you can talk to. They can maybe send you in the right direction.
It is not cheap... and most that do collecting, only do the very best genetics, of registered animals.
Call your large animal vet, talk to them. They can point you in a direction that will probably get some answers to your questions.


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Jul 16, 2017
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My new dog Cooper who's really not my dog, but he wants to be.

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