Fall Homestead Tasks You Need To Do

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Sep 2, 2015
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coastal VA
Faucets too low to the ground to even get a bucket under them.
I have underground to all lower fields. At uptake areas there are underground cut offs and a second spigot. There is a boxed area at each...think mineshaft....and I put insulation in a bag to place under the lid in winter. The portion above ground is cut off in winter. I have an inexpensive hose that expands and contracts, extremely lightweight and flexible, to use and bring inside.


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Oct 24, 2019
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mid-Michigan, USoA
p.s. i've also decided that getting up on the ladder to do anything is just a way to find things you really don't want to know about anyways.

many more small to semi-annoying medium projects, but as they are up there they're not visible and none are emergencies (or i'd do them now), they're also not leaks in the sense of water coming in so no big deal right?

what they are is they could be ways in for bugs (Mom upset level goes down if i can keep more bugs out - so she gets those tasks and fixes from me gratis :) aka on the house harhar...) and mice, chipmunks, squirrels can also use them so they are worth taking care of eventually. that they are so high up means they're hardly used that i've ever noticed.

one maybe 20 minute project i will need to do someday is also to put a board back on that is likely just being held in place because of how the edge of the flat roof was done. it hasn't fallen off yet... that's the thing i keep telling myself but perhaps in the next few weeks i can deal with that project too...

that's about five new small projects and some touch up caulking and stuff that i won't even call a task, but it will be nice to do them sometime...

i should be writing all these down as i come across them so i don't have to haul the ladder around and look all over again, but i'm going to be hauling the ladder around anyways to do the eaves sometime so... i get to see it all again... no, i'm not having nightmares or anything. the closest i got to worried today was when the wind started kicking up and i was on the ladder and wondered if it was going to go up more that i'd not be able to finish what i was doing, but that didn't happen.

raining now... i get tomorrow and perhaps the next day off.

i do write a lot, it helps me organize my tasks. :)

a list of projects that need foam filling, caulk and then more stain over will be important because i only want to use one more can of spray foam and one more tube of brown caulk. so to not waste those it will be good to have a plan in my head for where to go with the can and fill things up and then move ladder and ...