Feed and Tack Room


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Dec 30, 2019
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We bought this place in September 2014. I painted the whole interior and laid all new floors before we moved in. Moving day was February 14, 2015 which also happened to be our 19th anniversary.

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There was nothing here but a doublewide and 8 acres.

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A neighbor volunteered to build a fence to hold the horses and he worked over the months, setting posts until he was tired, then he went home. When he was ready to string wire, DH gave him money to hire day laborers and he finished up just as our son showed up with the horses, just days before we moved.

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We had a portable building moved from our land that we sold. It took a bulldozer to drag it to the road because the land was black gooey gumbo clay. That is a 7' steel tank culvert in this picture. The building was loaded up and I followed the truck to our new home and it was unloaded and set up.

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We bought a metal carport and had that set up. That necessitated the taking down of 3 trees and getting the stumps ground.
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The horses had no barn. Eleven days after we moved in, it snowed. We felt terrible for the poor horses. Over the next few weeks, it stormed, it snowed again and threw in a couple of ice storms for good measure.

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That's a beautiful way to start a new home. and It's very wide too. I will definitely add some more goats since they are much easier for me to take care of.