Knit/Crochet Winter Wear - share your pics


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Mar 16, 2021
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Kenai Peninsula
I had forgotten this thread! Here's my makes for this year - a hat and headband.

I started these about a decade ago! I spent waaay too much money on hand-dyed 100% superfine merino sock weight yarn. 5 skeins, about $130 all together. :hide I planned to make a scarf.

When I started knitting, the colors got murky and weird. So I knitted the sock yarn into a chunky yarn. Since it was hand-dyed, this meant knitting lengths from each skeins, mixing them up and splicing it all together. And then I didn't have enough for a scarf.

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I decided to use the yarn up this year. I had enough for a hat and a headband. I used a bubble stitch on the hat forcwarmth, and a 1x1 rib on the headband so its twice as thick. They are heavy and very warm. 😍View attachment 25272
So you made an i-cord with the sock yarn? Then knit with the icord?

Very creative! Good results too! :clap