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Dec 1, 2011
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I just stumbled upon this thread! We recently acquired 10 acres and have the desire to be self sufficient. This is so exciting! So how did your experiments turn out? I actually read all 1o pages- which it has to be interesting for me to do that! While I am totally confused by your posts, my husband is an electrician, and I have every intention of making him read this, maybe we can do something here! Solar power, and wind , well any free power is currently out of the question for us, as paying for it until I die is not free, I've been searching and searching for the info on how to do it- well for Doug to do it- with a reasonable price tag. I agree with you- the info should be free, why should we not help each other to escape this slavery! So I hope to update you with pics of what we accomplish! Maybe a few questions. Also can I get an updated on your experiments? Did you find a way to increase the output? Are you working on anything else?