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    Pink Fox: its Raining...IN MY HOUSE! :/

    Hugs:hugs this too shall pass. This time of year is stressful for me and then the anxiety rears its ugly head.
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    Jellies, Jams and Conserves, Oh My!

    I only use the powdered stuff and the low or no sugar type. I just can't bring myself to put more sugar than fruit in my jams and jellies. I do however use the liquid Certo for my pepper jelly because the finished product actually looks better.
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    What did you do to be/become more self-reliant today?

    I have been bartering with friends for produce that I don't have. I let farmers use my parking lot and forklift to unload produce to sell and I have been given 5 bushels of peaches ( not all at once) 1 bushel pears and 1 bushel Jonagold apples. All but the apples have been canned. I traded a...
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    Pink Fox: its Raining...IN MY HOUSE! :/

    Now a want a bacon bit at my house.
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    What are you all doing to prepare for winter?

    Those are beautiful apples.
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    Got my broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower started. They are up and looking good. In this zone 5 we had a Mother's Day blizzard snapping the trees last year so as much as I wanted to rush it I didn't.
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    Denim Deb Hay, hay, hay. Thank the Lord!

    Any rain not wanted will be welcome here. Love the pic of Ebony, I had a Cocker named Ginger and I still miss that dog too.
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    Sufficient Self's Bible Study Group

    I haven't been able to even deal with much lately. My family got the news that my little brother killed himself. Still reeling from the shock and asking for prayers to help ease the hurt. Putting myself in God's hands!
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    May as well start now

    Spent the morning in the garden and still picked a few ripe tomatoes, unheard of for the middle of November. There are plenty of green ones and everything is getting gleaned. The storm forecast looks ugly and freezing for the next week with temps 18 degrees at night so no amount of covering is...
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    Harvested and dehydrated today

    Beautiful mushrooms! Too dry here to hunt for those but my kids in Oklahoma get them and show me the pictures so I can be :D with envy.
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    Pink Fox: its Raining...IN MY HOUSE! :/

    Sorry:( must be something in the air because I have some body misery going on this week too. No fun when there is so much to do. Hope you feel better ASAP.
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    Enjoying The Harvest

    Enjoying The Harvest