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    Infected piercing

    Neosporin with pain relief is nicely numbing.
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    Building Code/Zoning Resistence Strategies

    I'm on the lookout for ideas. So far, I'm thinking of putting up a garage, barn, and park model RV, and keeping all other structures smaller than 20'x20' to avoid permitting, installation of overpriced septic systems, grid tie requirements, and excessive taxes. Any takers?
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    Insurance help needed for MH with large additions.........

    I am happy with our homeowner's insurance and I would use them again. That said, all insurance companies should be given information on a need-to-know basis. Our agent wanted to know the breed of our dog. I told her a mutt (which is true), but during my next go round, I won't even mention a...
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    Sunsaver, Livining Off-Grid In Suburbia- Happy Taconight America!

    sunsaver, you are right, the body's ability to heal itself is miraculous. It sounds like you are doing all the right things with your diet, but please don't discount the fact that you have stopped drinking. That's the single most important thing. I'm no teetotaler- I'm drinking a rum and coke...
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    What did you get???

    DD and I got matching heart shaped silver lockets with "Love" in relief on the front. On my love side is pic of her, on her love side is a pic of me, and our other side has a pic of ourselves. This was DD's idea. She's such a sweetie. My dad brought us a like-new couch. Our old couch was...
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    Artifical or Real?

    Real. I am an inveterate snob about this. I would rather have no tree than a fake tree. However, I live in the big woods, and real trees here are very reasonably priced. If I lived in an area where real firs were pricey, I'd probably decorate a potted ficus or something.
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    What kind of Mother-in-law or Father-in-law are you?

    When DH and I first met and he introduced me to his sister, things were weird. It took us a long time to connect. But we love each other and we get along great now. She has no blood sisters, and neither do I, so we are sisters to each other.The secret to overcoming this awkward relationship...
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    Suburban Off-grid living

    sunsaver, I know a man who got not one, but TWO liver transplants after he had alcohol-induced chirrosis. He had to stop drinking entirely for, I think, one year to get on the list. I hope you are not that far gone, but even if you are, don't give up hope. It's been 15 years since Leonard's...
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    Gorgeous, Deliverable, Inexpensive Small Custom Homes

    marianne, isn't your current big house still under construction? And you are already planning the next one? You must have some secret source of energy! We are just looking for our forever place, and that's exhausting. moxie, I *love* Apartment Therapy! I wish is wasn't so very skewed toward...
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    Gorgeous, Deliverable, Inexpensive Small Custom Homes This is not just the most beautiful tiny house I've ever seen, it may be the most beautiful house I've ever seen, period.
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    Gorgeous, Deliverable, Inexpensive Small Custom Homes

    My dad has been a professional home builder for my entire life. One thing that I have learned is that space is secondary to design. There is so much wasted space in many (most?) big homes. The other thing I've learned is that no matter how much you want a 4000 square foot house, NOBODY wants...
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    Chap Stick containers?

    About beeswax being pricey- I have never found a good price for beeswax online. However, I went to a honey processing plant (Honeytree in Onsted, Michigan) and bought 10# of beeswax for $4. This was in 2004. I use it in all sorts of homemade toiletry recipes, including some stuff that I sell...
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    Chap Stick containers?

    Yes. You empty it, crank it all the way down, and fill up the tube with liquid (warm) lip balm. The way that I prefer is this: I got a large quantity of small pot-type containers from someone who sells mineral makeup. They look a lot like this...
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    Wahoo, got the library painted!

    Very pretty! You can come paint my house anytime. :P
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    Gorgeous, Deliverable, Inexpensive Small Custom Homes

    I have never seen any tiny houses as lovely or inexpensive as these. So I thought I'd share. The builder doesn't have his own website, but this blogpost has dozens of pictures, several videos, pricing, and contact information...